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    • Official Miss White Racing Cap


      Official cap of the Miss White racing team. Beachfield Snapback, embroidered to a very high quality.

      The Miss White Racing Team are an amateur family based drag race team based in West London. They have a 1971 vw beetle with a 2165cc efi nitrous prepped engine making just shy of 200fwhp. This car is a fully legal street car used on a regular basis, despite the fibreglass doors, wings, bonnet, decklid, full 8 point chromoly roll cage, poly carbonate windows, kirkey race seats and harnesses. Lots of the car is custom made and unique built in their shed, they try to push the limits of parts and are always trying to improve the ride quality, performance and 1/4mile times, without spending mega money most of the time too. The team work extremely hard day and night between their day jobs and social lives to keep the car running and well maintained for road use and race day preparations. They have a dream and are working their way towards running in the 10 second mark as a street legal drag car.

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